Pronunciation Guide for The Waking Land!

Some of the names in this book are a bit tricky, so by popular demand, here's a rough guide to how I pronounce a few of the major ones. However, I'm also in favor of readers pronouncing things in whatever way sounds best in their heads... so do what works for you!


Elanna Valtai: el-AH-na val-tie

Jahan Korakides: jah-HAN kor-ah-KEE-dees (Korakos: KOR-ah-kos)

Ruadan Valtai: roowa-dan val-tie

Teofila: tay-oh-fee-lah

Antoine Eyrlai: an-twon AIR-lay

Loyce Eyrlai: loys AIR-lay

Denis Falconier: den-ee fal-con-ee-ay

Alakaseus Saranon: al-ah-KAH-see-us sar-ah-non

Fionnlach Dromahair: FIN-lach DROM-ah-hair (hard “ch,” like Bach)

Sophy Dunbarron: so-fee dun-BARE-on

Victoire Madoc: veek-twar MAH-doh

Markarades: mar-KAR-ah-dees

Ossian: oshen

Tuah: too-ah

Caveadear: kah-vee-ah-deer



Eren: air-en

Caeris: kare-iss /or/ Caer-Ys: kare-eess

Laon: like “loan”

Barrody: bare-oh-dee

Cerid Aven: kare-id aven

Dalriada: dahl-ree-ah-da

Paladis: pal-ah-dis

Ida: ee-da

Tinan: tin-an

Baedon: bay-don


More to come for book 2....

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