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Lunar Rhythm: Become BFFs with the Moon

I’m offering a free class. Except it’s not really a class… it’s more of an experiment. A mastermind? A hive-mind of all you queens out there? That’s more like it.

What it’s about: syncing up with the moon and figuring out how her phases, and the zodiac signs she passes through every 2-3 days, affect YOU. Your creativity, your passion, your emotions, your life, your cycle. I’ll be participating + sharing my discoveries, but what I really hope is that you’ll find insights into how YOU work—because my hunch is that this is going to be different for us all, and the point is not to create more bland new agey homogeneity, but delicious, amazing individuality.

Will this unlock our creativity and get us into the flow of life? Hmm, I think so! This is a grand experiment, and if you know me, you know I love diving right in and experimenting with things. (Though NOT usually on a public stage—I tend to be quite private about my process, but for this, I am putting myself out here!) Is this a crazy time to do this, with everything that’s going on in the world? Um, yes. Totally. But will it help us navigate these times, in a way that actively supports and nurtures us through the good and the bad? That’s the idea!

We’ll talk cycle and flow—full disclosure, I am menopausal (and have been for going on 12 years, my goodness) and I’ve been curious about finding a way to tap into my own creative flow as a working creative and also human being. I’ve tried to work with the phases of the moon before, but I usually get bored by day three of that and forget about it, and/or the broad generalizations don’t quite resonate (yes, my natal moon is in Gemini, why do you ask???). This process is more detailed and specific, so I think it may offer some insights (and also keep my attention, hah).

This offering is especially for women/female-identifying people.

Okay, what you’ll get:

  • Info on how to identify your moon sign and what that means, if you don’t already know, so you can celebrate your monthly lunar return
  • Every 2-3 days, I’ll email you with the current/upcoming moon phase (eg Pisces into Aries, waxing crescent)
  • I’ll share a bit about what this traditionally means (received wisdom), and what I’ve noticed coming up for me
  • If I get wildly ambitious, there may be videos/audios (short ones) but at the moment, this is 100% email/text-based. No zoom. No sitting through a 45 minute talk. YAY!
  • I may include some extra goodies like recommended books, articles, meditations etc for you to dig deeper
  • This is going to THRIVE on discussion, so please hit reply and share your experience! And/or if you have questions/requests, I’d love to hear those, too. I may share your comments or Qs in turn with the group, so lmk if you wish anonymity.

TIMEFRAME: this begins right away, but you can join at absolutely any time—the moon keeps cycling, so this will always be relevant! For the moment, my plan is to carry this through to the next moon in Aries (February 14), but if there’s an interest, we can keep on going. Update: Lunar Rhythm's current phase has ended as of February 14, 2021, but sign up below to stay up-to-date with future offerings.

This is 100% FREE. Like I said, I’m learning and experimenting with you. If this experiment is successful and I like doing it, it may not always be free, so jump in now!

What you’ll need:

  • Somewhere to write/record your observations—a fresh journal sounds delicious, but you could also use a doc on your computer or phone, record audio files for yourself (this is a practice I personally really love), or even do a video journal. Or mix it up! 
  • Curiosity and an open heart!

*Lunar Rhythm has completed its first moon cycle, but if this sounds like nectar for your soul, sign up here to get your name on the list for possible future moon letters, and related classes:

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